Rewarding your employees for being healthy.

The insurance industry has long failed to inspire people to live healthy lives. Instead, it has boosted costs and decreased benefits. A whopping 40 percent of adults say deductibles are causing undue burdens on themselves and their families.

It’s time for a solid solution.

What if you could offer a program that would incentivize your employees to create healthy living habits, and at the same time decrease costs for you both?

This is possible with the Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP), one of the most revolutionary benefits products on the market. Affordable and easy to attach to any existing plan, it encourages and rewards employees for being proactive about their health. This change in mindset galvanizes them to take charge of their overall wellness and in doing so, reduce their costs by huge margins.


  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA): to determine what areas of wellbeing requires attention
  • Telemedicine: 24/7 access to highly qualified medical care
  • Phone health coaching: training programs around diet and illness prevention
  • Phone lifestyle counseling: customized for each member
  • Online health coaching: Internet-based lessons and training for members
  • DNA screening: the analysis of potential abnormalities
  • Biometric screening: Identification of illness risk factors


  • FICA tax savings for employer and employee
  • Increased take home pay for most employees
  • Attract better candidates and retain current talent
  • Unmatched wellness benefits
  • Analyzes current and potential health issues impacting employees
  • Helps plan for future expenses
  • Data allows customized coverage while minimizing expenses