Let Voluntary Benefits Work For Your Company.

Say the word “benefits” to most business owners, and you’re likely to be met with a groan. Benefits of all types have long created headaches for companies, largely because of high employee costs. Changes in healthcare legislation have also left gaps in coverage, and the cost of filling these gaps has been shifted to the employee. The result – employees are stuck paying more for less and less benefits.


What if it was possible to take away direct control from insurance companies and instead allow those voluntary benefits—benefits that fill gaps at affordable rates, giving your employees more benefits for less money—to generate revenue for your company?

Yes, this is real. Collective Benefits Solutions (CBS) is a program that provides alternative financing for voluntary benefits. With CBS, you, the business owner, has direct control over all insurance operations such as underwriting, claims, management policies and investments.

What’s more, your employees will get better benefits—including compressive enrollment support and one-on-one benefit counseling—at lower costs. Fortune 1000 companies have been doing this for years; it’s time for businesses of all sizes to capitalize on this opportunity.


  • Alternative financing for voluntary benefits
  • Group Life, Short Term Disability, Limited Medical, Dental, Critical Illness
  • Increased control over benefits
  • Enrollment and operational support


  • Revenue generation for employer
  • Lower cost for employee
  • One-on-one benefit counseling
  • Fills gaps left by core medical coverage